About Nancy Tengler

My career spanned twenty years as a Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer overseeing the management of tens of billions of dollars globally.  I published two investment books: NEW ERA VALUE INVESTING–Wiley Finance Series and RELATIVE DIVIDEND YIELD, first edition, which I co-authoreD. My media experience includes many years as a regular guest host on CNBC’s Squawk Box, frequent guest spots on Kudlow & Co. as well as PBS’s Nightly Business Report, CNN, CBS, NBC, Bloomberg TV and radio.  I have often been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, The Economist, Forbes and Money Magazine, and was featured in the coveted Barron’s cover interview and named one of Money Magazine’s Best Women Investors.  In 2009, I received an MFA in Creative Non-Fiction from St. Mary’s College and was the recipient of the James Townsend Scholarship for Excellence in Creative Writing and the MFA Advisory Board Scholarship for Literary Excellence.  In 2009 and 2010 I was named fellow finalist and scholarship winner for The Prague Summer Workshop. Hired as a lecturer at St. Mary’s College in 2010, I was then recruited to the MFA Advisory Board in January 2012.

I currently teach Advanced Composition and Creative Writing at Arizona Christian University, write an investing blog for the The Arizona Republic and manage money for a handful of clients.  I am finalizing the manuscript for my upcoming book THE INTELLIGENT WOMAN’S GUIDE TO STOCK INVESTING.  Please look for it.


2 thoughts on “About Nancy Tengler

  1. Yikes! What a resume. Is this an address where I can send you photos? My father has sent me many great aviation related items over the years that your son might enjoy

    • yes but I will send you a better one via facebook message. I don’t know if this is public or not…too much technology, too little time. Looking forward to receiving.

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